A rainbow near a meadow

Why Two Minutes Will Provide An “Ah” Moment Every Time

You remember a television show from the USA Network called “Monk“? An exceptional detective for the San Francisco Police Department, Monk mourned the loss of his wife and left him ...
Thanksgiving feast

Why Is Thanksgiving So Paramount?

Green bean casserole; got to love it! As we sit together and celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to wish you a joyous and prosperous blessing to you and yours! Our First ...
A woman and a cardboard idea over head

In Blogging, How You Can Use Your Peak Proficiency Consistently

In the pursuit of blogging of peak proficiency, trying different ideas is very exciting for me. Whether it is content driven prose or detailed analysis of my blog, I am ...
A man with a brain teaser conundrum

How to Rearrange the Pieces with Ingenuity

Numerous years ago, I worked and lived in a suburb of Savannah, Georgia called Pooler. A growing metropolis of around 6000 people, it was a sleepy community with their tagline, (which ...
Productivity and a stopwatch

How Our Productivity Can Plunge Into Astonishing Success

One hectic day, I strived to update a complex spreadsheet for the productivity and evaluation of one of our distinguished clients. A daunting project at first glance, I quickly discovered several strategies that made enormous ...
Weary travelers

Why Adaptability Is Not Like A Weary Traveler

As a management consultant, I traveled often for business both domestic and international flights. With a couple of suits, shoes, underwear, my electric shaver, toothbrush and the smile on my ...
Old typewriter and coffee

How Precise Words and Meaning Leads to Superior Activities

If you are in a great conversation with another individual, which is more important: the words that you are saying or the meaning that you are trying to portray? Most of ...
Young businessman playing a chess board

3 Outstanding Solutions to Leadership and Chivalry

In a crowded room with influential and important colleagues staring you right in the face, you explained the specific suggestion that was so intricate, so pivotal and consequential in your ...