A man with his laptop sleeping

Please, Don’t Be A “Mindless Minutiae” in Commerce

In business, with the end of the year just moments away, some individuals are wrapping up all the loose ends this year already. They have decided to hang it up, ...
A man skydiving

3 Strong Ways Content Marketing Is Like Skydiving

Winning the lottery for a gazillion dollars. Designing and implementing a new successful procedure that no one has seen before ever. Copywriting for a new patent. Composing a new post. Really? ...
A businessman get a fever pitch for business

How Your Fever Pitch Can Flow to Remarkable Returns

The anticipation is killing me. Sitting around; twiddling my thumbs; nervous and giddy about this improvement going to happen momentarily. I am both nervous and delighted that I can hardly ...
A businessman thinging about peace at the workplace

3 Reasons to Attain Your Goal Routinely

In business, did we ever have that feeling that we tried your hardest, but we came “this close,” from attaining our goal? We strive. We pursue. We fumble. We succeed. We try ...
A man and woman shaking hands

Why Trust is Elusive and Essential for You in Commerce

Trust is elusive. Expected. And so essential. In commerce, the upswing of a salesman to build trust is so very crucial. Pivotal. And, most of all, necessary. However, in a ...
A small kid with words coming out

Why We Love Language (And You Should, Too!)

Flipping the social media trends for that day, I saw a powerful article with Indra K. Nooyi from PepsiCo. titled “Create A Vocabulary That Inspires Employee Engagement“. In this piece, ...
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Sound Tips to Explore Sharpening Your Content Marketing

Flowery. Exploiting too many words and explanations. Clinging redundancy using the same nouns, verbs, adjectives or others consistently with no variation whatsoever. Frustration in the tone when scribbling down one’s masterpiece, ...
Apple X iPhone

Presto! How To Take Advantage Of Your Computer Instantly

The “love-hate” relationship with a computer, in particular, with Siri, the automated guru on the iPhone or iPad products, is, in order: a joy to use frustrating to no end ...