A small kid with words coming out

Why We Love Language (And You Should, Too!)

Flipping the social media trends for that day, I saw a powerful article with Indra K. Nooyi from PepsiCo. titled “Create A Vocabulary That Inspires Employee Engagement“. In this piece, ...
A nunber 3 pencil

Sound Tips to Explore Sharpening Your Content Marketing

Flowery. Exploiting too many words and explanations. Clinging redundancy using the same nouns, verbs, adjectives or others consistently with no variation whatsoever. Frustration in the tone when scribbling down one’s masterpiece, ...
Apple X iPhone

Presto! How To Take Advantage Of Your Computer Instantly

The “love-hate” relationship with a computer, in particular, with Siri, the automated guru on the iPhone or iPad products, is, in order: a joy to use frustrating to no end ...
A man with his while lies crossing his fingues

3 Fundamental Lessons Of Why White Lies Are Not Helpful

Merged between leadership and honesty in the cortex of one’s substance, you can see how these concepts were so tightly twined. Indistinguishable between the two sometimes, these two dynamic cores is magnetic in ...

3 Simple Happiness That Will Spur Your Self Confidence

Every year, I traveled just a few miles and attend the Kennesaw (Georgia) Big Shanty Festival. The downtown is, the most part, closed, because they have almost a hundred businesses, ...
A frustrating woman making a tough decision.

How To Make Your Decision To Command Immediate Outcomes

A roller coaster of ups, downs, and loop to loop. I made the decision about a direction that affected me to the gist that I thought was the right outcome ...
Tons of color Legos because leadership is ruled by the connection of action over time.

4 Building Blocks To Fire Your Improvement Promptly

Leadership is ruled by the simple connection of action over time. Combining resilience with plucky accountability, this post will reconnect the creative side of positive persuasion… Am I a good person, ...
A confident man talking about generating progress each and every day

How To Generate Progress To Enhance Amazing Results

Progress, even if it’s just one step, one idea, one change of direction, is decisive if we choose. Whether our direction is Personal goal (like going back to school to ...