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11 Reasons Not To Be A Flimflam Artist in Sales

As always, the art of salesmanship is unique to each person in several elements. With this in mind, however, here are eleven points of sales we will agree of our essence…

11 Reasons of Salesmanship We Will Agree


  • is not a flim-flam artist.
  • is not overbearing and obnoxious in their attitude.
  • is not wimpy or undecided in their profession.
  • is an honorable career, not crooked or underhanded.
  • is a laserjet focus on the product or service consistently; studying, researching, challenging,  contemplating constantly.
  • is always looking for new angles or advancement in their aspects, no matter what.
  • don’t say, “No,  I don’t want this item,” to a prospective client only one time and then go on to the next prospect.
  • don’t say, “No, I don’t want this item,” to a prospective client several times and then go on to the next prospect.
  • has setbacks and disappointments from time to time, but that just means they want more eager for the next time around.
  • is adapting to any aspect and invents interest in new methods,
  • don’t give up… ever.

Salesmanship is like a La-Z-Boy, relaxed and comfortable.

Are we in?

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