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3 Reasons to Attain Your Goal Routinely

In business, did we ever have that feeling that we tried your hardest, but we came “this close,” from attaining our goal?

We strive.

We pursue.

We fumble.

We succeed.

We try to do everything possible under the sun to make sure that we are excelling as best as we can for prestige, satisfaction, and, to be candid, maybe a little bonus, as well.

Finish Line

But at the end of the cycle, we are not going to make the projection that we anticipated. We look at our numbers; we look at our forecasting; we squeeze out anything that we can do to put that finish line before it’s too late, but, it is for naught.

Second Time Around

And in that split-second of realization that we didn’t “win,” is also the awareness of a determination we always want to gain and outwit even stronger the second time around.

Resilient leaders understand that, just like baseball, one was not going to hit a home run each and every time. Therefore, if we are

  • consistent (slow and steady objective with a calm demeanor,)
  • buoyancy (with a lightness of spirit,) and
  • resolute to achieve the decisive advantage,

then eventually, we will prevail guaranteed.

Herb Silverman

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