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4 Ways To Breakthrough the Clutter Dramatically In Commerce

Wow. 147.

For themes, that is the count on WordPress.com.

As I looked at the unlimited possibilities of a new approach for Unmistakably Herb, my blog, I was mildly amused at all of the options in front of me.


Overwhelmed and in a panic of how I was going to begin this choice, I thought of several queries quickly in a frenzy including:

  • With so many options for themes, what incremental benefits would make this decision effectively?
  • What with the readers like, enjoy, comment and, most importantly, come back for further posts from my writing?
  • Is this too difficult or too advanced of the huge undertaking like writing code and other aspects now that I plunged into the community of WordPress.com?

Break Through the Clutter

But, taking a deep meaningful breath, looking at it objectively, whether it’s a new theme or meaty problem or matter, there are several concrete conclusions to break through the clutter with rock solid results. Either personal endeavors or business arenas, here are four items to consider:

Acting Bold

We all obtain an attitude of mild-mannered and milquetoast approach from time to time but need to break that mold and be more assertive and forward-looking. For example, in my new theme, am I delicate and dainty with no jeopardy or confident and resolute to go for it?

Taking Controlled Risks

Most people want to implement before really knowing all of the variables and jump right in with both feet with no rhyme or reason. A smart person, though, takes control risk to minimize the analysis and hedges their ability with continuity and self-assurance.

Stop Worrying About the Little Fluff

Just like a flashy, glittering new theme on our website that we need immediately, sporadically, the tried-and-true wins over the long run. Sometimes, rushing into different scenarios is not only not wise, but also may need to enter more conundrums the first anticipated. “Be consistent” could be one of our mottos.

Enjoy the Ride

In any adventure, enjoy the ride in our pursuit and moreover, the accomplishment of the moment. As we know, without any warning,  a danger flag could appear at any time, so be prepared to the best of our abilities, but rest easy on the achievements as well.

Wiggle Room 

Selecting the right fit that will complete our objective precisely is always our main goal, but attempting a little bit of wiggle room is both healthy and engaging.

A zillion theme… child’s play.

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