A rugby player is like maverick, fearless and strong

How To Act Like A Fearless Maverick

A maverick, the unorthodox and independent-minded person, is a visionary through and through. He produces intuition and guts that is sometimes reckless, no doubt, however, the results can be very appealing.

A maverick is an urge.

A hunch.

A higher origin than first foreseen.

Thus, what important points can you learn about a “maverick” to think and benefit your outcome? Likewise, what determines the concrete ideas of a “rebel” for your growth to stand out your competitors consistently?

The Pursuit of “Perfection”

Like any pioneer, challenges arise all the time in the pursuit of “perfection.“ Inquiring questions abound like:

  • Will the project, hobby or cause be right and true?
  • Or, this person ridiculed so rapidly because of a fresh style?
  • Is it too small or too large of this new endeavors?
  • Too complicated or too simple?
  • Is it sophisticated, haughty or too plain or ordinary?

With all of these concepts nagging again, the innovator goes further undaunted. His painstaking efforts will be delighted and infuriating wrapped up with worry and psychological price of entrepreneurship to boot with perseverance.

Critics and Supporters

Then, of course, there will be the reaction to other individuals. The trailblazer figured about their critics and supporters when considering the process of these newfangled ideas.

Were they energetic?






Basically, will it work?

The maverick chuckled because whatever the backlash, good or bad, the impression will always go in a positive direction. A leader and squarely focused on results, this person was on a mission and no one was going to get in the way.

Maverick: Overcome With Gusto

A compelling story wouldn’t you say? But it rings true in what you, me and everyone else that acquired the capability of truly distinct methods. Similarly, the talents for a wisdom of inventing beyond the normal curve is so enticing yet grounded in reality of the situation.

Everyone can be in the queue and wait until the number is called in business eventually; it is inevitable and logical. However, sometimes you need to erupt and be a risk taker. Other words, fail before one succeeds.

Be an entrepreneur.

Against the grain.

In some senses, it is like rugby players; you play with abandon, bruised and roughed up. Nevertheless, towards the end, the victory is so much sweeter as you punch the goal line with confidence with a job well done.

Herb Silverman

Sooner or later, most ideas and suggestions will change; it's just human nature. My mission is to touch one person at a time with a positive impact, transforming words into tangible actions. To that end, I am a leader, networker, advocate, and blogger. I explore change and viewpoints, squarely focused on areas of leadership, productivity, salesmanship, adaptability, and humor. That's not offering you a lot of detail, is it? So, learn more at the tab "About Herb"...