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Why Adaptability and Ingenuity Are Locked So Tightly In Commerce

Adaptability and ingenuity are locked so tightly in commerce it is a bond of valor. With these two attributes, anyone, (including you,) will develop the ability to not only design for the future but to alter positive outcomes routinely.

The “Wow” Factor

If you think about adaptability in a wide lens, you will see a startling conclusion. Specifically, the “wow” factor overtakes the old antiquated each and every time. Need examples? How about:

  • the MP3 overtook cassette players over time
  • the blu-rays overtook VCRs over time
  • the computers overtook punch cards over time
  • working more than 40 hours a week overtook 9 to 5 over time (for most of us. [Sigh].)
  • any new, shiny, slick, advanced, complex widget overtook old, slow, dull, obsolete, simple thingamajig over time (usually.)

Adaptability to New Conditions

In any excellent organization, adaptability will always be the elements to fix any new conditions. And more than that, in this hurry-up world, adaptability connects to not only the flexibility variables but the decisions in a crucial scope of importance, too.

Thus, indecisive sometimes means slow decisions in judgment. To put it differently, molding the situation is the only result of advancements in growth.

Cutting Edge of Ingenuity

Likewise, ingenuity is the ever-changing world of adaptability. To provide one’s cleverness or deftness of design sometimes at a moments notice is savvy. Similarly, freedom of thought to explore, create and dream about is always constant and leading.

So, it is the equal sign we are all striving consistently to do. Truly, ingenuity binds us to steady action with resolve.

Powerful Potion

Like a powerful potion, adaptability and ingenuity should be your arsenal to work together seamlessly as a dominant force. In your bearing, if you can:

  • generate new and recycled suggestions that are concrete and creative
  • diligent in your approach and continuity in your concept and
  • be a rebel with an eye on the superb talent of your mission

then you will unlock vital links to innovation you will be proud of.

Herb Silverman

Sooner or later, most ideas and suggestions will change; it's just human nature. My mission is to touch one person at a time with a positive impact, transforming words into tangible actions. To that end, I am a leader, networker, advocate, and blogger. I explore change and viewpoints, squarely focused on areas of leadership, productivity, salesmanship, adaptability, and humor. That's not offering you a lot of detail, is it? So, learn more at the tab "About Herb"...