Four blue stickmen in a row and one red stickman plucked with hand escaping

Plotting All the Options

WordPress is very complicated every now and then. I was investigating for all of you, my readers, an additional tool that would be more seamlessly and fun for everyone regarding my blog. Certainly, some of the information on WordPress, in my opinion, is a bit confusing sometimes for the average Joe. But, reading slowly, examining […]

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Man listening to several people at the same time

2 Text-to-Speech Apps Proven to Excel

Technology is grand, isn’t it? Computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices; heck, one uses gadgets every day with relative ease. It’s neat. It’s sleek. And as a matter of fact, the clever of all, in my opinion, is text-to-speech (TTS). Yup, using my voice rather than my keyboard which, by the way, is so many times faster than writing. Literally, it’s a breeze. So, […]

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