A man skydiving

3 Strong Ways Content Marketing Is Like Skydiving

Winning the lottery for a gazillion dollars.

Designing and implementing a new successful procedure that no one has seen before ever.

Copywriting for a new patent.

Composing a new post.

Really? Composing a new post?

Predicting the Worst

Yes indeed.

Whether you are writing your first article for your new blog or you are absorbing for a tome, (and then some,) for years, the exhilaration and anticipation are always quite dramatic and nerve-wracking when you are sitting down to think and comprehend a new, intelligent piece.

Yuck. By the way, I, too, am always predicting the worst time I say, “Publish,” when I am completing my new post. I think:

  • “One of no one likes this theme?” or,
  • “No one is reading my article why is that?” or even more egregious,
  • “People think of me as a lightweight, no substance, no aim; just a waste of time and effort; I am trying to do something substantial for listeners to no avail.”


I know, I know; you probably perceive the same emotions and nervousness on your blog, too. The example I imagine is an individual who wants to go skydiving for the first time, all anxious and overwrought all at the same time, waiting for the person to say, “Jump!” When the moment is upon this bloke with a rickety parachute ready to go, one looks over the earth and the clouds and the wind, and one thinks to themselves, “Good luck and God will on my post” as they jettison to the air.


And more than that, you and I repeat this process each time when we write a new assignment ongoing.

Passion for Blogging

But, like always, we scratch, claw and investigate ever more of our passion for blogging. In this way, we committed to

  • our fervor of what we enjoyed the best about whatever subject appeals to us
  • learning new skills, techniques, even criticism to zone our abilities
  • kismet to obtain a good fortune in our talents as a blogger

We will bring joy and enlightenment to our readers; yes, we will!

Like I said, it’s a thrill and definitely worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Happy writing.

Herb Silverman

Sooner or later, most ideas and suggestions will change; it's just human nature. My mission is to touch one person at a time with a positive impact, transforming words into tangible actions. To that end, I am a leader, networker, advocate, and blogger. I explore change and viewpoints, squarely focused on areas of leadership, productivity, salesmanship, adaptability, and humor. That's not offering you a lot of detail, is it? So, learn more at the tab "About Herb"...