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How to Generate Influence Promptly In Commerce

If you are ever in the position of a salesman, vendor, coordinator, marketing guru or anyone else in the business of relationships to initiate new revenues or influence, I salute you.

As a business owner for many years myself, our dedication to our dexterity and resilient flexibility are outstanding. When we are on our game, we can feel the flow oozing by every pore with remarkable enthusiasm. We notice more confidence, like a wave of decisive ability, each and every time we go deeper to our customers’ trust and conviction.

Learning Curve

Yet, we are not satisfied with all of our accomplishments. There are so many other challenges still to arise. And more than that, we understand that the learning curve is never completed. We

  • claw
  • scratch
  • connect to other colleagues (and, on rare occasions, “combatants,” too)
  • reevaluate our attitude and pitch and with no question,
  • make sure that the clients are relevant to not only their customer’s needs but, their anticipation and quick resolution each and every time of our encounter.

Our attitude must be pleasant and personable in our working sphere. Assertive, but not too aggressive. Giving too much of an ego or self-confidence will not be tolerated in commerce if we are an attempt to “conquer the world” with our guile and fortitude.

Maybe I am embellishing just a tad, but the point is still on the track that we present our clientele with professionalism, guidance, and credence.

Pivotal Eye

Now, my post was not

  • to try and pump you up or
  • give your “high five” or
  • artificial doodads to begin another arduous day.

Instead, look inside and examine your product or service with a pivotal eye continuously. Ideas like:

  • Are you consistently prepared with the tools and techniques of your form for the customers, your company and you?
  • Are you exploring opportunities and be proactive to enrich both clients and prospective chance meeting with tenacity in every dialogue?
  • Will you be depressed if a perspective individual says “No, we don’t need your service right now,” or are you thinking about going back in three to six months and continuing our conversation with new approaches and cleverness?

It is this mantra that you treasure with vigor in your discipline; the proficiency of you.

Herb Silverman

Sooner or later, most ideas and suggestions will change; it's just human nature. My mission is to touch one person at a time with a positive impact, transforming words into tangible actions. To that end, I am a leader, networker, advocate, and blogger. I explore change and viewpoints, squarely focused on areas of leadership, productivity, salesmanship, adaptability, and humor. That's not offering you a lot of detail, is it? So, learn more at the tab "About Herb"...