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How To Hatch Your Article with Great Content

In the menagerie of different articles, podcast, videos, seminars and the like, a particularly remarkable debate flames up with constant argument and discussion.

Straightforward Concept

Distinct experts will rattle off on both sides of their merit, documentation of the results and their own analysis that is both perceived and, quite often, overblown. Almost like a rivalry, voracious and frenzy, they think that the other individuals on the other side were irrational, not conforming to their high standards and, to be frank, the little bit unhinged.

All this angst on a straightforward concept: In simple words, how long should a blog post be?

Open Eyes

I wish I can give you a definitive answer, a conclusion of the correct response that is both accurate and decisive. Alas, I am stumped with this controversy with open eyes and marvelous comprehension on both sides of the topic.

However, with aspects of


Are you flowery and expressive or do you get to the point immediately?


Do you mask your article until the last big crescendo or you outspoken when your first couple of words?


How many posts do you do in a months time?


What is your strategy with your main audience to track them to come back time and time again to your blog?

will do discover your niche, your own style, and approach that is distinctly you, and you alone.

Modus Operandi

The feud between the Hatfield–McCoy will continue to the cows come home, but if you are distinctive in your modus operandi of your style that you are ahead of the game.

Every word, every paragraph, every thought of your incredible knowledge and experiences are a treasure chest of a bountifulness of your readers. Your followers will appreciate your tone, no matter what tone it is, with plumb and gratitude. The end result of how long you want the overture of your article depends on your satisfaction and acknowledgment of your beliefs.

Write strong…

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