LeBron James, Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers

How Basketball and Invincibility Are Intertwined In Our Genes

When I was at the University of Chicago for my undergraduate school, I endured, (both good and bad with all the stories that I can regale,) a dormitory of all men for three years. Apropos, because everything in the 80s always had to have a catchy title or tagline, our floor was referred to everyone as the “Gentleman of Henderson” (AKA Henderson House,) and we were both cocky and pleased with the name indeed.

Revealed in our exuberance and verve, it was like brothers, me and the other Henderson cronies. Between studying, studying some more, studying, eating, studying, roughhousing, playing and of the occasional sleeping, we were doing our part in the fabric of education and fun. I remember that so vividly.

Blow Off Some Steam

Now, one of a thousand stories of my college impressions had to deal with into intramural sports. The grind of our degrees that we were seeking was very stressful and draining, so to blow off some steam and defeat, (supposedly,) normal peasants, (via other dormitories,) was not only very rewarding but an ultimate blast, too.

My favorite past time was basketball. I was tall at 6’3″ (even though, I can’t believe it, that I am shrinking now,) with long arms and long legs which were perfect for being the center of our basketball team. I will be frank, I stunk to high heaven’s scoring; if I was lucky, four points with maybe one rebound and one block per game. Yuck!

Very Fulfilling, Positive Direction

However, I devised two objects that were definitely a plus for me:

  • number one, the opponent was even worse than me, expressing more about equations to impossible mathematic anomaly rather been shooting a dunk, and
  • number two, I vocabulary and silky, smooth glib would torment the opponents mentally and consistently which of UofC, what’s a very good thing.

Certainly, I kid around, of course, but it was a way of exerting my energy and vitality; a very fulfilling, positive direction, especially when I was sorting the path to adulthood. It showed

  • vision
  • perception
  • direction
  • entrepreneurial interpretation and
  • improvisation

that stamp the foundation even today.

Aura of Invincibility

When watching the NBA finals several years ago, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after 52 years of waiting, won and dramatic style. After the final buzzer cemented their legacy, LeBron talk to a reporter just moments after his triumph and in a tearful and emotional declaration declared, “CLEVELAND! This is for you!”

The MVP champion was not talking about the game necessarily, but instead, a connection, bond, an aura of invincibility and humility that goes beyond just playing a game. I totally agree because the name of the game is a stylistic representation, marked by ingenuity and guile to try our best; to excel, to stretch beyond our normal limits and dream.

You possess the drive and proficiency to play the “game” quite well, too, if you understand the nuances of images and desires to inspire the pinnacle of your aspirations.

One on one, shall we?

Herb Silverman

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