How Nasty Drudgery Leads to Optimal Success

Everyone wants to be fancy-free, light is a feather, the weight of the world lifted in commerce. Wouldn’t that be terrific! We could be happy as a clam, just selling products, meeting people and not worrying about all of the awful and tedious backlogs that are our field.

Reality Sets In

Unfortunately, (unless you are very fortunate,) reality sets in.

Ergo, buckling down for so many years as an agent for several insurance companies, compliance and regulations were very crucial, not only for the credibility of the firm but also for the integrity and profitability for me. One little mistake, even if it was not anyone’s fault, so to speak, may set back my company weeks, if not months, if not years, if not done correctly and accurately.

Meticulous, a.k.a…

To be frank, a sloppy response about the boring, yet necessary, aspects he or she is job will not do. Instead, it is still essential to one’s success. Because of my nature of what I was doing, I was very meticulous, a.k.a. organized a.k.a. anal-retentive of the fortune of my talents. Other people have also found different approaches but the themes are always mostly the same.

In particular, some of my suggestions were:

Write extensive notes including the date, time, purpose and scope each and every time

Not only will it save us so much time and effort if we are skilled in this arena, but it’s so much effective to instantly recall concepts or ideas effectively.

Copy everything

Yes, it’s sort of a hassle, but at the same time, we don’t want to lose an important document that is suddenly disappeared without a trace, right?

Confirm and be accurate with one’s prospect (or repeat) client before you sign the final signature

So many people in our line of work rush and hurry the paperwork before the ink is dry and the client can’t renege which leads to tension and unsettling annoyance. If one is slow and steady with the system, create integrity and trust with the other person, then the agreement will be acceptable and agreeable every time.


My point is whatever style and approach are working for you regarding your cycle for success, just consider that to be “perfection,” sometimes you have to dig deep and do the mundane to optimal satisfaction.

Yup; feeling the pain feels so right.

Herb Silverman

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