Mathematics equaltions

How You Can Achieve Purpose and Imagination Simultaneously

Mull over this:

  • Can we balance a strenuous working environment and a playful side?
  • Can we produce brilliant ideas and efficient results simultaneously?
  • Can we innovate with visionary talents and still always learn more from our colleagues or mentors?
  • Can we construct the structure and be a bit unplugged at the same time?
  • Can we generate grandiose plans in the future and be spur of the moment interchangeably?
  • Can we investigate new connections of chaotic thoughts and be grounded in perpetuity?

Cultivate the Core

Absolutely, but only if we cultivate the core aspects of flexibility, resolve and trusts of our convictions.

It is like mathematics that both hypotheses are correct and reasonable; a harmonious compromise of will and imagination.

Herb Silverman

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