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How To Improve Your Tremendous Legacy By Personality Traits

With respect and humility, our parents are our mentors, our disciplinarians, and our friends. Most of all, they love us very much. Therefore, let me tell two vignettes of my family that are both very funny, but with an emphasis on personality traits that you can mold activities each and every time to your advantage…

Cat’s Meow

To describe my mom is easy: she is very proactive.


Definitely, a go-getter.

By all means, in her grace, my mom is both dignified and intelligent.

Even in her appearance, she is the cat’s meow. Like 99.9% of the other women in the world, she loves shopping whether it is clothes, shoes, etc. However, in my world, the purses win the race hands-down.


Because my mom has a Magic Purse.

Magic Purse

That’s right, a Magic Purse.

What I have discovered over time is that my mom packs everything imagined in her purse; organize to a T.


Honestly. I tell you no lie.

Yep, at any moment, day or night, she can whip out her purse almost in a flash to aid anyone at any time. For instance:

I asked my mom, “Do you have some loose change in your purse, please?”

My mom replied, “Certainly, here you go.”



“Moist toilette?”


“An old picture of me when I was five years old?”


“Six golden medallions from Spain?”

“At the bottom of my purse.”

“Three iron rods of equal length and height?”

“I actually have four, would you like one extra, too?”

Hence, in all seriousness though, my mom brings personality traits that everyone can appreciate. In particular, she possess a drive of commitment no matter the cost and new outcomes in any remedies.

In fact, all of us will gain strong attributes like:

  • benevolence
  • helpfulness
  • creativity and
  • thoughtfulness

These words are the heart and soul of a compassionate foundation.

An Inquisitive Mind

My dad was a kind gentleman with a great tenderness and an inquisitive mind.

Originally a chemist, particularly a rocket scientist (honest Injun), in the early 70s, he changed careers and worked for years in real estate, specifically commercial and industrial fields.

Moreover, he was tenacious, but loyal, organized, but not over-the-top. Truly, he was a planner.

I miss my dad very much; he passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, but his spirit moves to me every single day.

Hostess With The Mostess

Fortunately, one of the fond memories of my dad was inviting guests to his home. In other words, he was the “Hostess with the Mostess.”

Because sales were his specialty, he would be very gracious, but resolute as well. An example would be to offer a beverage to his patrons:

My dad inquired, “Would you like something to drink?”

The guest politely said, “No, but thank you.”

“No, please, what can I offer you? Some coffee?”

“No, thank you again.”

Pause…”How about tea, I could make it hot or cold if you’d like?”

“Thank you once again, I am fine.”

Pause…”Hot chocolate?”


Pause… “Beer? Perrier? Water?”

“Alright, alright; I will have some coffee, please.”

“Superb, right away… How about something to nibble on?”

Indeed, I exaggerate this point a little bit, still, my dad always made one feel welcome and at home. That was one of his biggest forces.

Specifically, to be consistent and persevere, no matter what the cost.

To be upbeat and cheerful, but with the greatest responsibility of what one wishes to do.

And, with panache to boot.

For this reason, you, too, can investigate techniques of:

  • integrity
  • resilience and
  • flexibility

in any scenario.

What Are Your Personality Traits?

In conclusion, in each generation of families, values and traditions are unique no doubt.

Yet, from your legacy also provides work ethic and a teaching moment that is undeniable to you.

So, what about your mom and dad?

What personality traits do you remember about your parents that are meaningful and touching that you can keep and use today?

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