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How Steady Innovation Will Be Ingrained in Our Brains Today

From time to time, innovation does not seem so glamorous and glitzy. As a matter of fact, innovation, in reality, is very ordinary.


Even dull.

But, at the same habit, vital links to innovation can create a routine; a system of a viewpoint that performs in dramatic results.

Not A Neat Freak

For instance, every several weeks, I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Not that I am a neat freak, but I am very organized and tidy. It makes me chipper. So, I

  • dust,
  • spray,
  • mop,
  • vacuum
  • and otherwise, make my house almost spotless.

You see, it is a routine to me. It makes me serene and important in the scheme of what I am doing. And, more importantly, it is not an obligation, but an advantage.

Method of Innovation

So, for the most part, our method of innovation is so simple to orchestrate, too. We can achieve:

  • a plan of attack
  • a to-do list
  • a checklist

that is so innovative that we don’t even realize that we are doing this. Our brains are ingrained by repetition or strategy, but everyone seems to appreciate the patterns.

Slips Our Minds

But my question is are we doing this consistently? Is it possible that even though it is so logical of the approach that we ignored the follow through altogether? Did we forget the steps completely, yet it is so rudimental that it just slips our minds?

Is it possible that it is so logical of the approach that we ignored the follow through altogether?

Did we forget the steps completely, so rudimental that it just slips our minds?

You better believe it.

In an article, “Master the Art of the To-Do List by Understanding How They Fail,” iDoneThis indicated:

  • 41% of to­-do items were never completed.
  • within a day, 50% of completed to-­do items are done.
  • within an hour, 18% of completed to­-do items are done.
  • within a minute, 10% of completed to­-do items are done.

Attitude for Innovations

Wow; it’s a 50-50 proposition, isn’t it?

Our first inclination is to leap with a trigger to remind ourselves to write lists down sequentially. Or, with 1000 different ideas and doodads around, we could rev up our talent tremendously.

Though, as I told you before, it is the act of following up or strategy that we change, right?

Attitude for innovations is a vital change in our core. Yup; we understand all the adjustment because our project is so intuitive in the field. Likewise, we need a new tone of our drive of a process that is unwavering as well.

Scribble down a note or two is definitely a good step. However, if we can grasp of what is the nature of the problem base, then the result will be very engaging indeed.


Herb Silverman

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