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Insane (But True) Things About Mistakes

Almost perfection, but…

Top 10 Reasons to Change Your Perspective

10. Not a pity party; volunteering, civic organizations, hobbies
9. Technology
8. Be adaptable
7. Be animated
6. Be proud
5. Show your muscles
4. Practice, practice and more practice
3. Lighten up; humor
2. No distractions, no interruptions, no matter what
1. “If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake.”

In our world, we want our intelligence top rated: you know, cunning, clever, and action-oriented with a spark of energy. However, occasionally, we spurt errors and gaps in our speech that we don’t realize it; a blunder that irritates us from time to time.

Don’t despair.

Simple Words and Unfussy Sentences

A quick story: in 1991, about three to four months after my massive stroke, one of the “classes” I took was speech therapy. You see, I acquired global aphasia, a language disorder which. at the beginning, I could not communicate one iota.

So, there I was, just trying to start with simple words and unfussy sentences. But, no matter how much I tried, I was struggling to handle, butchering the English language magnificently and with no lifeline coming.

Frustrated and isolated, I was angry. In fact, I thought my “gift of gab” was almost destroyed, with a rocky road from now on.

While waiting in my shame after “class” was over, unfortunately, I could not drive, so my youngest brother, David, picked me up. A professional actor and teacher, David knew something was definitely off course about my struggles with speech. Furthermore,  he asked how he can help.

I tried to explain, the best that I can, what had transpired. Finally, David said something that was so earth-shattering and momentous, that it changed my life instantaneously.

Basically, David said, “If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake.”

The Art of Language


So powerful, yet so benign, I realized what David’s meaning said. Yes, I am going to make mistakes, be vague and unclear. But, a light bulb goes on that everyone has the same struggles that I do. It’s just human nature.

Positively persistent means that we don’t need a godlike about the art of language. At intervals, the words escape us, but if we sustain a strong concept and a true vision, then our true nature will shine very brightly.

Herb Silverman

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