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Why We Love Language (And You Should, Too!)

Flipping the social media trends for that day, I saw a powerful article with Indra K. Nooyi from PepsiCo. titled “Create A Vocabulary That Inspires Employee Engagement“. In this piece, they mused about jargon and specifically, as Ms. Nooyi spoke, “words that are simple, direct and unambiguous.”

As I thought about my communications, my mind race about two separate points:

The Power of Language

One random notion was on the power of language. I am sure that you have read books that are classics when you are in school, right? When I was in high school (go Spartans!) in South Florida, I read exemplary books like “Ivanhoe” or “Moby Dick” or even “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Fascinating books that are so well-written and elegant but, at the same time, transcends the capacity of comprehension from time to time. Words that sometimes I have to look up the definition because I have never heard of them before. Phrases that are both compelling, but genteel.

Moreover, do you ever have that word that either you can’t remember the meaning or it’s just the wrong pronunciation? Everyone does; it’s the “tip of the tongue” syndrome, right?

I am cognizant of my “tip of the tongue”, too.

Without a doubt, I took steps and made a constant effort to use the best articulation and explanation possible. Because I needed practice and repetition always, this was a good check to not take the easy chore of using the same words over, and over, and over. I found out over time that the best connections are more meaningful, and to be honest, beautiful as well.

Text Message Begone

The other conundrum was trying my hardest regarding text messaging. Alright, I may be a beginner in fumbling on my smartphone, but, whoa! I have never seen this in my life regarding the butchering of vocabulary. Quirks like:

  • OMG
  • BTW
  • LOL
  • TTYL

It drives me insane! I know it’s a part of the human endeavor; I know that it’s not going to be back in the bottle. Notwithstanding, we should use our brainpower to think of elements that are precise and crisp. The results are so much more flawless. Alas, the English language and all my majesty endured…

Calm Down

Okay, my rant is subsiding. Now, I have to find out the definition of “schizo”…

For you, how do you utilize vocabulary, both in business and personal, in your realm?

Herb Silverman

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