Media Blitz

Strokefocus Podcast - Conversation with Unmistakably Herb

July 2017 - Jing (Daniel) Gu

Strokefocus Podcast with Unmistakably Herb - the power of adaptation and other strategies to create a positive impact. Read more...

Have a Word by Herb about Aphasia Awareness

Health Stories Project - 2015
Diana Xin

June is Aphasia Awareness Month, so in that arena, this article focuses on my advocacy and ingenuity between the community of aphasia and the steps to continue our cause. Read more...

Chapter 10: The Optimist and the Fatalist - Narrative-Based Practice in Speech-Language Pathology

Jacqueline H. Hinckley, Ph.D. - 2007
Herb Silverman and Jacqueline H. Hinckley, PhD

This book addresses the "clinician side" of the therapeutic equation by spotlighting the synergy aspects of clinical work in speech-language pathology and encourages the development of communication skills and attitudes as the clinician gains experience. The method used to explore this topic is autoethnographic narrative, a commonly used tool in other disciplines including medicine - 'listening to patients' - and occupational therapy, but thus far rarely explored in speech-language pathology. Read more...

Defeating a Devastation Adversity

Savannah Morning News - 2005
Herb Silverman

Even the reporter said, Mr. Silverman "was ‘stubborn and determined’ and overcame its worst effects." This story talks about practice and consistency over the long haul. Read more...

What I Meant to Say...

National Speaking Association - 2003
Herb Silverman

This article is for everyone because, whether you have aphasia or not, you learn how to adapt and innovate new solutions.  With positive, persistence, perseverance and passion, you will open your mind and unlock the key to well-being and optimism. Read more,..

Why Did I Say That

Speechless - The Documentary - 2015
Herb Silverman

In introspective account of how perseverance and a positive attitude can achieve almost anything, even my speech after my stroke. Read more...

Aphasia Traps Its Victims in a Silent World

Ocala Star Banner - 2008
Herb Silverman and Naseem Miller

An awful title, a powerful insight into the scope and impact of aphasia. Ms. Miller and I spoke about my mission to raise awareness about aphasia and, furthermore, my outlook for the community to be cognizant and involved in our cause.  As a result, the mayor issued a proclamation, acknowledging June as the National Aphasia Awareness month. Read more...

I Had Everything I Could Have Wanted & Then Some, Then My Life Went

Aphasia Hope Foundation - 2006
Herb Silverman

An uplifting article about confidence and consistency dealing with my aphasia. Basically, mind over matter to everyone experiencing change. Read more...

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Stroke Connection - American Stroke Association - 2004
Herb Silverman

To be disciplined.  To be hungry.  To be positive.  This article talks about the steps to well-being and commitment from objectives to ultimate success. Read more,..

Triumph Over Tragedy

Emory (Goizueta) Magazine - Emory University - 2002
Carol Carter

As a graduate student and Director of Alumni Relations for Goizueta Business School of Emory University, this article talks about determination and drive to achieve all possibilities. Read more...