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New Odyssey in Uncharted Waters

Power. Wealth. The brass ring. Money. $$$.

That’s how I felt a long time ago. Because I was in my late 20s, making an outstanding salary and on top of the world, I was very gaudy about it. I thought, “This is the life. I can buy anything I want; living the high life and nothing is going to stop me ever. Yahoo!” Maybe it was because of my arrogance, my confidence or my ability, but I was at the top of my game.

Of course, I thought this was like what everyone did. Reach to obtain even more wealth. Grasp my success and go forwards for more raises, bonuses and, certainly, prestige. Squeeze everything I can give and squeeze it again for good measure. I don’t have to worry about my health, retirement or anything else because nothing is going to hurt me, frustrate me or bother me.


I am sure that some of you have the exact same feelings that I did at that time in our life. You are invincible. No one will stop you no matter what. You don’t realize what’s important in your life because you don’t have time to think about it. You are working hard, playing hard and making your best effort in your life.

But, in my case, when I suffered a stroke at so young of an age, my process metamorphosis to twisted and unclear surroundings. I can really explain it further except that my priorities change in a blink of an eye.

For instance, my mind thought:

  • I don’t worry about deadlines, reports, and timelines anymore. Instead, I focus my attention on speaking, walking and reading.
  • When other people are having fancy wines, fast cars and living the high life, I am contemplating if I am ever going to ditch my cane.
  • Like the Twilight Zone, I am not achieving what I wanted in my career. However, I am adding value every day just kicking and breathing.

“Blink of an Eye”

Now, I am exaggerating to raise a point:  it is the quality of living that struck me so hard and deep. I cleared my priorities to understand that my family, friends and the memories were the most important and that everything else could be on the back burner. That’s how I felt as I began my new odyssey in uncharted waters.

For me, no worries.

Instead, dream.

Be determined. Be passionate. Be a leader.


Either professionally or personally, you, too, may have your own “blink of an eye” in the future.

What do you do when you feel blue? How do you triumph?

Herb Silverman

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