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The Only Patience Resource You Will Ever Need


Overblown little twerp.

With a big ego and an enormous craving for success and recognition, this individual is needy and sucking everyone else’s energy faster than a speeding bullet. And more than that, this person doesn’t even know that all of the other cohorts and you think of this “dude” as a laughingstock through and through, but, of course, not to one’s face.

Real or Imagine

Every day, every fiber in this person’s existence seems to deflate you and the other people around you. Real or imagined this person’s astronomical ability is inflated with overexaggerating whoppers. As a result, our folks and you are relegated to mediocrity when that other person gets rolling.

Almost like the “Twilight Zone,” you think this is all a dream, (or a bad nightmare depending on the situation,) and you just want to wake up, that’s some cold, wet splash of water to your face, but you were soaked back almost immediately by this “monster” walking to you asking a dopey question or a snide comment that you don’t appreciate or respect.

Lots of Patience

How do you deal with this ogre or charlatan?

Patience, my friend, lots of patience to…

  • understand that this other person is irrelevant to your core values of honesty and trustworthiness.
  • comprehend that this trickster may be very neurotic or uneasy with other people or situations. Maybe this person is compensating to show a no-it-all manner because one’s more scared than you, huh?
  • take the high road, forgive and forget and concentrate on more concrete aspects rather than this blowhard that is fragile like a feather in the wind.

The Pompous Braggart is Coming Again

Now, be honest, (and that includes me, as well,) you are thinking of one particular person that has either some or all of the stories that I just spoke at our little tirade, aren’t we?

It’s OK. Don’t be frustrated or angry when a pompous braggart is coming to disturb you again. Instead, relax, take a deep breath and fulfill your ambition with vigor.

The blister is for the irrelevant, don’t you think?

Herb Silverman

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