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Please, Don’t Be A “Mindless Minutiae” in Commerce

In business, with the end of the year just moments away, some individuals are wrapping up all the loose ends this year already. They have decided to hang it up, so to speak, for this stretch without even a fight for more productivity.

Mindless Minutiae

In point of fact, you saw these characteristics before like:

  • They scale back their enterprise because they perceive that other people will do the exact same idea, surmising that it’s “Seasons Greetings,” over and out
  • They won’t return phone calls because it’s just a waste of time and money until the beginning of next year in earnest
  • Their product or service has no sparkle and magic with the celebration of winter until New Year’s Day rolls around
  • They mope around and do mindless minutiae until they leave early by reason of it is the season of joy
  • For the most part, this person is a slog until January 1 rolls around; uninterested, unwilling and unable to apply to their own satisfaction


Jolly, Old Time to Boot

But not for you and I!

Stunning really because, from our calculations, we can create more activity, more spice, more profitability in commerce for five to six weeks to go. We can connect with our clients and prospective customers in a meaningful way, especially during the holidays and have a jolly old time to boot.

Deeds like:

  • Handwriting holiday cards for our clients (and prospects, too)
  • Composing a note of cheer for the yule and attach an article specifically targeting “light and airy” morsel in our line of work
  • Dreaming up a little ditty on our phone for the holidays with an emphasis on our company

just to name a few angles.

Use this opportunity to spread some glee that will be advantageous for not only the time of joy but long after as well.

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