Pecan waffle

How Being a Risk Taker Is Like Pecan Waffles

Singularity does present opportunity in peculiar circumstances. A metaphor for your amusement…

As I discussed on the breakfast of champions, 99.9% of my mornings is always, completely and totally, the same when I begin my day about dining.

Call me crazy, call me insane, but for some reason, comfort so early in the morning for me it is a reminder that I am familiarized and on solid ground.

Particularly, in order, I consume a firm Chiquita banana, 8 ounces of orange juice and, either two choices of cereal, (I go crazy,) Cheerios or Rice Chex for about one cup tops.





Wild Dare

However, being adventurous on a wild dare in my case, I go cuckoo and indulge in something decadent and sinful. For example, for today’s breakfast, I was salivating on cooking and eating pecan waffles.

Sure, it was probably a hassle to:

  • get all of the ingredients to make the batter
  • load the waffle maker (which, of course, is in the closet, all the way in the back,)
  • wait as the waffle maker is hissing for the anticipation of the final result,
  • clean up after the breakfast is over, with the pots, pans, glasses and other kitchen items to put away,

still, the end result, certainly, will be tasty and full of flavor. So, I enjoyed the experience an awful lot.

Break Through the Barriers

Now that you are hungry, what is the lesson?

Glad you ask… my example above allowed me to discover my drive, to energize my thought process, to experiment. It is the 0.1% that I was attaining; the impetuous, almost request yet controlled side to set a higher goal the new first anticipated.

You know, all of us break through the barriers of our set sequence and be a risk taker if one wants to. All of us can get out of the norm and attempt a new connection or suggestion that we may not even agree with yet, but we are willing to try it, at least for one time around.

What brew are you bubbling today that is exceptional, huh?

Herb Silverman

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