A picture of a Neanderthals

How You Will Spark Ingenuity in Your Insight

Enjoying the warm temperatures and friendly people, I am sitting on the bench soaking in the rays. Beautiful!

A far cry from several days ago…

As my nature unfolds, I am an amicable fellow and I like to speak to individuals who I really don’t know, but I always want to find out more about their observations. Their opinions. And eventually, successfully, make a connection that may be very helpful in the future. Even though I am retired, I enjoy doing this I guess both for the challenge and to keep my mind active if you know what I mean.

Another Word: Sharks

However, I met three individuals that were so aggressive, so cold-hearted and so ruthless that it was hard to believe. All of them were working for an organization in sales, probably on commission, and they were always on. Always trying to beat the odds. Very shallow and very aggressive. Another word, sharks.

They didn’t have the ability to ask questions. There didn’t probate a little bit more about not only their product but also what the customer wants and needs. It reminded me of a boiler room in an old movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.

From the Stone Ages

In my world, these Neanderthals are from the stone ages. In today’s society, relationship building, networking and the ability to follow-up (which is a lost art,) are crucial for the sparks of ingenious. They don’t understand the science of finesse.


In your area, what characteristics are you playing with the art of relationship building?

Herb Silverman

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