A nunber 3 pencil

Sound Tips to Explore Sharpening Your Content Marketing

Flowery. Exploiting too many words and explanations. Clinging redundancy using the same nouns, verbs, adjectives or others consistently with no variation whatsoever. Frustration in the tone when scribbling down one’s masterpiece, (at least for today.) These objects and more as I begin another post on my blog, Unmistakably Herb. Stretch The Boundaries If you were a blogger […]

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Peaceful lake and coloring rocks

Why Words and Meaning In Concert Are So Very Powerful (and Fragile, Too)

Words are mysterious. Mystifying. Baffling. Unnerving. One phrase, one slip of the tongue, one confusing thought that was vague and unclear can lambaste the finest orator like mush in an instant. This eloquent debater or persuasive raconteur is, in some senses, tongue-tied by the occasional unintentional slide. This articulate speaker can cascade to an awful place […]

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