With arrows up, a bearded man seizing the moment of success

How To Take Advantage Of Seizing The Moment

How do you decide what is seizing the moment to your advantage and what is fluff? Or, another way, what is truly far-reaching in your life and what is trivial?

Let’s explore this question…

$64,000 Question

To begin this reason, did you know I am a guest motivational speaker to audiences both large and small? My talks include areas of determination, willpower and a “can do” attitude after momentous odds. It is very humbling.

More than that, I try to motivate the audience the best I can. This is because I enjoyed the interaction and energy it brings.

But, like the $64,000 question, I try to work out one point often: for all of my gains, how did I overcome big obstacles in my attitude overall? Is this my success real or just an illusion? How do I break down from OK to extraordinary in my scope?

That’s a very hard question.


Because I am very critical of the way interact with individuals, I fret. In like manner, due to my communications and effectiveness, I am sometimes hesitant. But, on the other hand, like seizing the moment in any challenge, I am at the heart of a champion to attempt in earnest.

Peculiar Indeed

So, what features do I require to be peculiar indeed?

I am smart enough and my values and beliefs are very flexible to the challenge. I am good-natured, upbeat and resilient.

But going further, I have very strong emotions. In that fleeting moment, I feel like no one or no object is going to keep me from my aspirations. I am buoyant and on top of the game. I am almost invincible.

Although I realize, I am thankful for even more. In some ways, I am trying to make the greatest goals, yet grapple with the impulse that some of my plans will not have fruit. However, I am going to prove my hardest effort nevertheless.

What Is Seizing the Moment For You?

And it even gets better, because guess what?

You have the same opportunities to be something extraordinary, too. You can do anything you put your mind to it if you are strong enough to make it so. It’s up to you, the person, that makes the first step.

You want to discover what’s really substantial to you. Plus, you comprehend that life is good (or will get better.) You are unique and one-of-a-kind is your DNA to happiness.

Like Layers

One lazy afternoon, I decided a watch a classic movie, “Shrek“, and relaxed my weary eyes.

In one scene, Shrek, who is an ogre, and Donkey, his buddy, are talking about onions. In fact, Shrek indicates that onions are like layers because you can peel them back and discover another layer down below.

When I thought about that scene a little more, I understood a big idea because layers are an element of my well-being.

To put it another way, if you, too, can open your heart and go deeper into what is important in your life, then you will seize the moment because you are different.

You possess exceptional insight.

And, most of all, you are still learning.

What are your layers?

Herb Silverman

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