Fable - Tortoise and a hare

Tips for the Art of Slowing Down

Considering that one is reading my blog (which is very nice; thank you for doing that,) several scorching inquiries suddenly appears through one’s mind. To illustrate:”I know your picture numerous times on the World Wide Web, but what about your voice? Is it squeaky? Is it monotone? Is it slow? Is it fast? Are you a soprano or a bass? The readers want to know.”

Distinctive Voice

Excellent question! The best way to describe my voice is that it’s very melodic and soothing, (at least, that’s what people told me.) I suppose I am a baritone (although some people think of me as a bass.) I have a style that is definitely unique.

As a matter of fact, even when I am talking on the telephone, the other person always commented immediately on my distinctive voice. Yup; they always declared, “You should be on radio because your voice is perfect. People will listen to what you are trying to say.”

Surfin’ Herb

“Mmmmm…,” I said. Therefore, I pondered, “How can I use my voice effectively?” One idea: being on the air.

You see, my undergraduate studies were at the University of Chicago, and, unbeknownst to me, there was a small radio station, WHPK-FM, 88.1 FM. Ten watts of power, the manager was looking for new disc jockey.

So, lo and behold, my alias, “Surfin’ Herb,” took the airwaves! Even though it was just a short time, I swayed in progressive rock in the early ’80s. You know, artists like Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, R.E.M.  and U2. Another word in the day, quirky.

My time-slot: Friday from 10:00 p.m.to 2:00 a.m. the next day. Students absolutely listened to my raving because, in their point of view, that was the only time that they can relax for the entire week. (We were very hard-working pupils at the UChicago!)

A Little Sidetrack

I savored my time is a DJ and understood that my ability to articulate was expanding. However, as you know, I occurred a little sidetrack: I lost the capability to communicate completely when I suffered my stroke. Literally, I had to start over from scratch. Evaporated; back to square one.

Nevertheless, what I found out was after years of recovery, even though, I moved like molasses, people were listening to what I was trying to say more intently because I was slowing down. Huh.

This was a revelation to me, considering that when I was a DJ, I would talk as fast as I can all the time. Now, it seems like the more slowly I spoke to people, the more insight and responsive the other person got.

The Art of Slowing Down


These days, in the art of slowing down, I engage with another person for the betterment of clarity and comprehension for both parties. In particular, I encourage one to:

  • Verbalize one deliberately with passion
  • Listen, listen and listen some more to what other people are talking about
  • Comprehend their point of views and emotions in their discussion

All of us creates sentences or paragraphs to be more precise and responsive to the other person, right? Well, also make sure to be more meaningful and colorful for both participants. Show one’s pizzazz! Realize that one’s communication and all the nuances that belong to one could vanish tomorrow. It is just a little reminder of how each individual person is unique and special in their own way.

How do you use your voice and communications effectively in your sphere?

Now, another tune…

Herb Silverman

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