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Why Two Minutes Will Provide An “Ah” Moment Every Time

You remember a television show from the USA Network called “Monk“?

An exceptional detective for the San Francisco Police Department, Monk mourned the loss of his wife and left him unable to work.  He shattered with a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder with obsessions, phobias, and compulsions.  More than that, He was anal-retentive to the nth degree. Monk had many anxieties including heights, crowds, germs and even milk.  Everything had to be perfect, neat, orderly and presentable all the time.  It’s his nature.

Some senses, I am almost like Monk, Jr.

Okay, not that bad, but I have my moments, as well. Every day, like the step-by-step instructions manual, I wake up around 6 a.m., shave, shower, dress, eat and begin my day.

Same order, same time, no variations.

Another word, boring; not really.

Expected, absolutely.

Open Your Mind

The one alteration that I do for a whim is what I am brushing my teeth.  I bought an electric toothbrush and (surprise, surprise) it is always set automatically for two minutes.  Now, two minutes seems a little bit peculiar and arbitrary, almost like an eternity, relatively speaking, but that’s what the instruction said, so I obeyed.

Especially my first time in this new gleaming gadget, my mind raced.  “This electronic toothbrush is not part of the equation.  Uh.”  I was unsure and nervous about what I am supposed to do.  Weird, huh?  I was definitely unpredictable and my whole senses were in overdrive. I cleared my mind and was very focused on what I was trying to accomplish with exciting, exhilarating and without any rhyme or reason.

Now you are thinking to yourself, get a break, it’s an electronic toothbrush, that’s all. But go beyond that for one second: as I brushed each tooth, I closed my eyes and became quiet and tranquil.  Almost transparent.

Yup. That’s it.

To be copacetic.

To think.


It is like the movie, “Total Recall“, when Kuato, the Mars mutant, telling Arnold Schwarzenegger to “Open your mind…” Mmm…

For Two Minutes…

Well, guess what?  Perfection.  It’s like an elixir. Sometimes large, sometimes small, I can breathe and just be comfortable and at peace for the day ahead.

Yup, for two minutes, I am almost in nirvana.  At that moment, it’s precious because I can clear my mind and make perfect sense of the world around me. Refreshed, when the time with my alarm goes off and my teeth are “pearly whites” once again, I am calm and collected.  Amazing, isn’t it?

So what’s the end of the story; simply this: buy an electric toothbrush.  No, I could around; the point of the story: What do you do for your “two minutes” in your world? How do you rejuvenate your batteries every day?

Herb Silverman

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