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Your Guide to Unwrapping Your Ambitions

One day, I was pondering that most of us (including me,) from time to time, treats oneself to a “guilty pleasure.” Or maybe not?

Looking up the definition of “guilty pleasure” from Merriam-Webster, I found out that the meaning is “Something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt.”

So, I thought about that for a couple of seconds and realize that it’s not really a “guilty pleasure,” but instead something that everyone can enjoy and reveal each and every time. It’s almost like having a brand-new toy, unwrapped and ready to go that one could play with ongoing.

Ambitions? Absolutely.

Sort of a hobby? Maybe. But it’s more than that, it’s almost an obsession, but in a nice way.

New Interpretation of Guilty Pleasures 

Therefore, in the new interpretation, in no particular order, here are some of my “guilty pleasures”:

Bazinga! Technology Alert

With a geek mentality at the core, I love new technology. Whether it’s software, hardware, apps or more, I am always fascinated and enraptured at the latest and greatest products. Whether it is the most recent Apple mini iPad or a free app that will make my life so much easier, I am beholden to the IT community for their dedication and cleverness.

Moreover, as I discussed in a previous post about the text to speech technology, I am dazzled with the voice-activated software program area. Suffering global aphasia the rest of my life, initially, my communication was completely annihilated. It took years to have all the pieces almost back together, yet with technology and practice, the devices are quite dramatic. I am thankful that I speak quite clearly because of the scientific know-how and my confidence level is without compare.

Being Number 1 (or At Least Try)

Come close so no one else can hear; I always want to be number 1. Call me a narcissist, call me a perfectionist, call me whatever you want, but I am always trying to achieve nirvana, if possible. Whether it was at high school, undergraduate or graduate school, I have a burning desire to achieve the best I can and then go one step further. I am not driven, so to speak, but I am thorough and resolute in what I am trying to accomplish.

This is why it’s my “guilty pleasure,” because I want to retain the best that I can do. Perhaps my reason why I push so hard sometimes to be successful in my mind over matter attitude; to propel even further.

Making Connection with Other People

Due to my background in sales and networking, in my career, I had literally thousands of different people who I intersected whether it was in nonprofits, blood banking or insurance. It is quite easy to start-up a conversation to anytime with anyone whether it was a teenager on their first job all the way up to a retired CEO.

Even now that I am retired, I still get a kick out of connecting other people with a purpose. In other words, if I see two individuals that are respected and liked and moreover, I know these two gentlemen or ladies, but they have not introduced themselves… well, the hunt is most appealing. Eventually, if they can generate some business or just being friends because of my introduction then, yee-haw, the satisfaction is tremendous.

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Stuff

A wildcard: I don’t know how, but in the early 80s, I was watching a television show on PBA, it was so quirky, so mysterious and so addictive that I was hooked. The show: Doctor Who. I watched when I was in high school. When I was in college, people would watch Saturday at 11:30 PM to get a glimpse of the Doctor. And, of course, I taped every week and check out it religiously even now.

In its 51st year, (wow,) it has humor, action, and philosophy in every episode. It’s like a soap opera… well, I guess, it is a soap opera. I am not overblown like a groupie by the virtue of that is not my style, but I do appreciate the other Whovians creativity and their ability to look beyond normal situations and think of new surroundings and open attitudes. I like that quite a bit…

Little Endeavors

So, as always, I am passionate on my little endeavors. Certainly, I have to ask in your cosmos, what “guilty pleasure” do you enjoy? I look forward to your response.

Herb Silverman

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