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How After An Awesome Vacation Will Improve Productivity

Driving home on vacation from Virginia back to the suburb of Atlanta could be a taxing of it. With over six million people in the metro Atlanta area, between the traffic, construction, gridlock, weather, and other aspects that I can’t even imagine, it could be very grueling, to say the least.

But instead, with all of the distractions around me, I was serene, calm and relaxed.

It’s good to get away sometimes, isn’t it?

Clean State

As a matter of fact, if I thought about it, on my travel, in retrospect:

  • Maybe it was the change of scenery.
  • Maybe it was the excitement of new surroundings and adventure.
  • Maybe it was exploring new individuals, asking questions that I have never done before and the anticipation of one’s response to predictions and giddiness.
  • Maybe it was to unwind, have a clean slate, recharge my battery.

Whatever it is, my respite was both necessary and delightful. (And, bonus, I really enjoyed it as well! On another post, I will describe in detail my observations and thoughts at Colonial Williamsburg…)

When Monday Morning Rolls Around

So, when the drive was over after 11 hours on the road, exhausted, tired and a little bit incoherent, to be frank, I consider what I do this only when I am on vacation. When Monday morning rolls around, I am still the ups and downs that come with living all of the glory. The to and from. The highs and lows.

You, too, have probably experienced the same situation, right? The memories of your trip were so captivated, but now reality comes with a crash as you go back into your normal routine.

Life Is Too Short

But you and I say we can alter the situation quite easily if we think about the following:

Chill Out

Setting a time to just chill back, even for a short amount of time, and take a breather before diving into the next meeting, or project or appointment


Yes, like the yin and yang,  but all of us have to realize that life is too short to just go work 24 hours a day. It is decisive yet essential that we look at other avenues of relaxation otherwise, as you know, we will burn out very, very quickly

Look at the Bright Side

This is going to be an unusual example, but, after all of the struggles and challenges ahead, all I can thinking was I still have my family, friends and the memories for me behind that are most important to me. Despair and second-guessing are not doing anyone any favors; instead, think about all of the positives and dreams that will come your way if you work diligently and with purpose

Thus, unpacking and trying to settle in after superb several days on the road, I paused and got fully aware that, (as my old friends would you jeer me, but I will say it again,) life is a festival!

What about for you?

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