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Why Faults, Quirks and Nuances Are Part of the Progress in Sales

As a potential new customer waiting for a negotiation on the pivotal sticking point, he paused and was struck by a representative’s expression and demeanor.

His observation was salesman seem nervous. Uneasy. Unable to articulate a specific line of reasoning carefully and with confidence.

He correctly perceived that this person is almost like a nervous tick; not willing to risk or advance one’s cards; not embarrassed, necessarily, but definitely, can one say, confused?

Lack of Comprehension?

As the customer considered this other person’s outward behavior, he recognized that even though it’s only been a few minutes, it appeared like hours upon hours of frustration,

With the sales slipping away very rapidly, the potential gold mine is now having second thoughts not only by the apparent lack of comprehension but also this individuals approach. He seems oddly eccentric, with a little bit of peculiar and mysterious tactics in his appearance and technique.

The final question in the customer’s mind is, “Can I trust this salesman not only now, but in future negotiations?”

Across the table, I lingered and try to compose the situation that I, apparently, did not understand fully of the consequences of what has just transpired.

Incorrectly Miscalculated

I thought I did an excellent job explaining each step with a careful and reasonable explanation. Self-assured and empathetic, I distinguished the prospect with grace and stratagem, but still… Looking at this person’s trepidation, evidently, I incorrectly miscalculated in either my overture or style.

Maybe it is because, as 1000 times before, I missed spoke or was vague and ambiguous. I guess the incorrigible dubiety because of aphasia, a language disorder that affects both my written and verbal communication, was in a play once again.

Or, that maybe, just maybe, I didn’t listen intently to what the prospective client wanted or requested. Maybe I was talking about the unquenchable aspects is his eyes, rather than approaching the circumstances from their point of view, concrete and rock solid.

Whatever the case, the end result of my case is less, not more clarity. Very disappointing.

Resilience of One’s Salesmanship

All of us have been in surroundings like the previous example. Whether it is timidly obvious or marked by doubt, several ideas creep up and bubble to the services including:

  • be better prepared to the prospective client’s learning beforehand with an even keel and straight and narrow proposition
  • adopting the flexibility and resolved to achieve the eventual goal of a sale
  • be well-filled in who we are and all of the faults, quirks and little nuances that are very apparent; stand up for our rights, but also, examine the other points of view, too

The resilience of one’s salesmanship is sometimes very amorphous. It takes cunning and steady hands over years of practice.  Like our favorite hobby that we enjoyed tremendously, it takes poised and craftsmanship to hone our proficiency in our field.

Apparently, tenderness is forged in working a high degree of competency, nothing less.

Herb Silverman

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