Slide rule

Why Solid, Reliable Ideas Is Like A Slide Rule

Ah, memories! Particulars like:

Funk & Wagnalls

Or specifically, Funk & Wagnalls Standard Encyclopedia, a cornucopia of knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

A slide rule

Computing complex and difficult analysis and hypothesis especially in mathematics, statistics, and engineering, just to name a few.

Vinyl records 

Whether it was 78, 45 or 33 1⁄3 rpm, listening beautiful, melodic songs with the occasional skip or scratch to boot. (However, quietly, some people now are going back to the fold, buying vinyl records like hot potatoes…)

Rotary phones

The efficient way to communicate, however sometimes infuriating if the phone number is 789-987-7890, dialing the number one digit and a time with that “whoosh” sound for eternity and beyond.

Heck, even for me, for over 25 years, I possess in my car a spinning wheel so I can drive smoothly with a left hand only after my stroke. It’s almost like a forklift on the warehouse operation, sturdy and useful. Around 3 inches in diameter, it’s hooked up by two huge, tight wrenches in the bottom of my steering wheel.

Ingenious, I say, ingenious.

Simplistic Yet Eloquent

We probably reminisce about other capacities of olden times, too, and think that it is astonishing. Scary. Mystifying. Enlightening, isn’t it?

Because no matter what purpose do we intended, it is simplistic yet eloquent of the items that I just spoke about. Yes, maybe it is now obsolete, or unable to function like it did before, but it was still solid and, to be honest, comfortable.


  • Is it possible that sometimes the tried-and-true that we have been engaging for years whether in commerce or personal endeavors is actually the right course of action?
  • Is it conceivable and almost very likely that what we utilize and, can we say, relaxing to us?
  • Is it a perception that sometimes not charging a new idea, not invent something that is already almost perfect, to use the resources development that was done before is actually the right course of action?

Balancing Act


Yes, technology, critical thinking, and attitudes of creativity will always trump old, worn out, tired ideas; definitely true enough. But, we have to learn what our predecessors did, the nuances and balancing act of what they accomplish before we can create something even more impressive in the future.

Herb Silverman

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