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Why Valor and Heartbreak Lead to Victory In Commerce

Periodically, down and out doesn’t really bode well as we are trying to accomplish a goal that is both momentous and earnest. We scrutinize diligently to prepare our strategy with vigor, making sure that each stitch is so tightly sewn in our presentation, project or idea. Yet, even though we did nothing “wrong” with our approach, we perceived an issue that we didn’t see or understood and now, we still felt the sting no matter what the circumstances.

Valor and Heartbreak

We attempt to recognize other examples of extraordinary downers of valor and heartbreak like:

  • When a kicker with one second left to win the game, shanks it to the left with a hundred thousand people booing loudly.
  • When an innovator that solves the problem with an alternative that is so ingenious it’s revolutionary, get scrapped because of bureaucracy and red tape.
  • When a salesman, who waited almost a year and a half to demonstrate a new product to the CEO that may balance his company to victory, who prepared his facts, figures, statistics, strategic analysis to the competition locked in his brain and ready to burst, merged with the CEO’s nemesis competitor, locking him out for good.

All of this and more; the sensation of regret, frustration, raw emotions are palpable. But I argue, with all of the aftermaths of events I just described, the true nature of what we illuminate is courageousness.

Ultimate Ring

Yup. Courageousness means we can:

  • Learn to be more prepared and conscientious of our situation so the next time we will be even more flexible and strong in our method
  • Practice, evaluate and practice some more about our presentation or proposal
  • Patience and tolerance the next time will be better than ever in our quest
  • Forget all of the naysayers and know-it-alls that appear to control every move and instead focus on our commitment to our mission
  • Take a breath, (or maybe two,) and know that we are obtaining substance grounds of our master plan

Being down and distraught won’t solve any problems, pertaining to any solutions, resolve any plans at all. However, if we are balanced and resolute in our pursuit of the ultimate ring (whatever that ring is,) we can achieve it broadly by the strong commitment of our core values.


Herb Silverman

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