1907 Buick with three friends

Why Your Business is Like Your Old, Reliable Car

The Urban Mobility Scorecard from Texas A&M Transportation Institute measured 471 urban areas several months ago to find out the congestion problem on automobiles and trucks. They found out that:

  • $160 billion of wasted time and fuel in 2014
  • An extra 6.9 billion hours of travel and 3.1 billion gallons of fuel consumed
  • Spent an extra 42 hours of travel time on roads than if the travel was done in low-volume conditions
  • Used 19 extra gallons of fuel
  • Which amounted to an average value of $960 per commute

Stop and Go

Living in a large community, I have blown away. Especially because in the line of work I did, (AKA sales,) with the stop and go traffic, gridlock and other minefields, my car was a “road warrior” for efficiency and effectiveness. Because I wanted the best “bang for the buck” on my automobile for both resale value and reliability, this was essential.

Therefore, with a little bit of proactive know-how and a little bit of anal-retentive of my “baby,” I begin doing a schedule of items like:

  • checking the pressured in my tires to the required PSI,
  • changing the oil every 5000 miles religiously
  • washing the gunk and grime like a hawk and so on

Tiptop Shape

One can also say, smoothly, just like your car, your business also has to “run like a kitten” consistently or there may be hazards coming soon. For example, in commerce, you may:

Blow a Tire

How are you going to resolve the business situation if you can’t find the “spare” in an emergency in your organization?

Overheat the Engine

How are you going to deal with success upon success in your firm if you agitate too far too quickly?

Be Irritate of a Blinking Light that Is “On” Constantly

How are you going to resolve problems quickly in the short amount of time to be back in your comfort zone?

Remember, keep your “car” in tip-top shape with patience and consistency for the loving care of your “automobile.”

Safe driving.

Herb Silverman

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