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Why Words and Meaning In Concert Are So Very Powerful (and Fragile, Too)

Words are mysterious.




One phrase, one slip of the tongue, one confusing thought that was vague and unclear can lambaste the finest orator like mush in an instant.

This eloquent debater or persuasive raconteur is, in some senses, tongue-tied by the occasional unintentional slide. This articulate speaker can cascade to an awful place with no escape or second chance because the words were so apparent yet vanished instantaneously; pulled back and dejected.

Gift of Gab

And more than that, this champion of the gift of gab is demoralized and upset, not because of what the audience or colleagues gaff (whatever the error was,) but the groundwork this person prepare more thoroughly throughout.

And for what? On the grounds that this person misinterpreted these phrases and vernaculars that were not either pleasing or useful to the other listeners? That this fellow, for whatever reason, whether they were upset or confused or nervous or fright or 1000 other different motivations, botched their pronunciation so awful that the other people are scoffing of what just happened.

Predicament For Sure

These words are always very powerful, (especially now with social media and bloggers pontificating continuously with no end in sight,) overwhelming the essence of a more important hypothesis: the meaning of what the words said.

It is a tricky predicament for sure. For me and all the writers or speakers, we want to accomplish the best, tightest and beautiful oratory each and every time we scribe paper to pen. We hanker the words to sing like a canary is, with declarative proficiency and an air of crispness each time we compose an article.

Notwithstanding, words are magical, but not the ultimate goal.

Fabricate the Meaning

Because when the words tangled and the vocabulary halted in a sea of ambiguity, down deep in our psyche is, it is the caliber of understanding that we are accomplishing to produce.

Yes, expressions of thoughtfulness to correct a point are always our strive, but more urgent are the opportunities to frame it forcefully so that the meaning is apparent from start to finish. 

Like a Sharp Knife

I see too many people that are embarrassed or forewarned in this 21st-century world, with all of the avenues of video, audio, press and more, using the wrong passage like a sharp knife trying to dissect each item so intently and with no avail, injuring oneself to boot.

Instead, isn’t it better than you and I fabricate the meaning of what the word said for the duration with forceful abandon and stamina? If we stumble on our expression, can we bring through and discuss the whole conception alternately with pride and joy?

Words are magnificent; meaning is cardinal. Working together is perfection.

Happy writing…

Herb Silverman

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